Social Media

How do you find me online?  Here are some links to find me in various social media around the web:

Pinterest: I get on here maybe once a week.  Let's face it, anyone who gets on Pinterest more than that gets stuck and loses all track of time.  Since I already have a problem with that, I try to only go pinning about once a week.

Instagram: Here you will find pictures of my kids and my dog (Coal puppy) and the pool...and whatever else I feel like sharing.  Sometimes I forget to go here because I can share to twitter and also facebook from one place, but sometimes I remember and then I am using my social media very well and I am so proud of myself.

Twitter: Speaking of Twitter....I'm still learning how to use this to it's full potential and if it doesn't stop telling me I have DM's when I don't I think I will scream.

Facebook:  I have been on Facebook for a few years now.  Suffice it to say, I am quite addicted to it and spend the majority of my day seeing what everyone is up to.

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