Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last week was not a very good week.  Let's just say if I could rewind time and make some things different, I would.

On Sunday, December 8th, my friend Danielle Rose Adams McMorris lost her fight with cancer.  Danielle was 27 years old.  She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the summer of 2011.  I didn't know Danielle then.  I only met Danielle through Facebook when I was making contact with some of the Adams family when I was trying to get votes to win something online. She instantly became a friend.

Danielle had not grown up around the Adams family so she didn't really know where she fit in.  I filled her in with what I knew and from then on we just became good friends.  I loved seeing pictures of her sweet Cairo.  I know he's missing his mommy and just doesn't understand why she isn't here any more.  Her husband, Larry, was by her side throughout the entire fight.

Then, on Tuesday, December 10th, my friend, my brother-in-law, the uncle of my children Michael Fitzgerald Adams lost his fight with the dreaded cancer.  Michael was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in October of 2011, just a few months after Danielle.   Michael immediately went into fighter mode.  He never lost that smile on his face.

Michael was just a wonderful person.  It was apparent by the standing room only crowd at the memorial service Sunday.  I have never seen so many people in a church for a funeral.  Michael loved life.  He loved food.  He loved his family.  He loved his Lord.

Michael leaves behind his best friend/wife, Felicia, and his daughters Bonnie, Abbie, Daphnie and Delanie.  Michael loved his family beyond measure.

The following poem was written by Michael:

Thank you Lord, for another day
to laugh and sing and work and play.
No matter the hurdles which come my way,
I will take advantage of this special day.
I won't let any limitations get in my way,
I'll get  up and make the most of this blessed day.