Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forgotten in Time

I was reading a piece on this morning about plus-sized women who have blogs they use to help other plus-sized women understand that being themselves is ok.  Their main point is that you do not have to be a size zero to be happy or to be stylish.  It got me thinking.  Do I have a point of view that I think people might want to read about?  I have tried in the past without much success.  But did I really try?  Did I promote my blog with enough energy that brought people in to read it?  No, I did not.  Can I do it?  Yes, I think I can.  I just have to put my mind to it.

That is when I discovered this forgotten blog that I started almost a year ago in response to what was happening in BISD.  What a difference a year makes, right?  While BISD still has its' issues, I think it may finally be heading in the right direction.  But that will be dependent on who the board chooses to replace Dr. Thomas as Superintendent.  I am hoping that what has been said in the last week is true and that they have chosen Dr. Timothy Chargois to replace him.  Dr. Chargois is well liked in the district and has been kept out of the fray of all the craziness that has been going on.  I would be happy with that choice.  Fingers crossed for a good result of the selection.

I am not sure exactly the direction I want this blog to go, but I would like it to be a place where opinions can be expressed in a way that is conducive to a dialog that is respectful to all.  I know I have opinions and mine will be the ones expressed here.  But will you read and will you share with your friends?  I hope so.