Thursday, April 21, 2011

And The Craziness Continues

Press club holds spirited BISD candidate forum
The previous link is another example of the craziness that is Jessie Haynes.  How can she really say that she didn't make those comments when it was so clearly on tape on all of the local news casts?  Is this what she is saying to the board President that has kept him from acknowledging that there is a problem.

Yesterday I tried to comment on a release made by Ms. Haynes about Central choir members advancing to state solo/ensemble competition.  My comments were erased, I was taken off of the BISD fb page, and I can no longer comment or read comments on the fb page.  Who did this?  Ms. Haynes.  She is the administrator of the fb page.

Craziness I tell you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

For those who insist that nothing good ever happens in BISD you will be disappointed to know that the WEST BROOK WIND ENSEMBLE BAND JUST GOT SWEEPSTAKES AT UIL CONCERT/SIGHT READING CONTEST!!!!!

This goes along with their SWEEPSTAKES at Marching Contest last fall, marking the first time in nine years that West Brook has achieved this in a single year.

Kinda blows the theory that nothing good ever happens in BISD, huh?

Congratulations West Brook Wind Ensemble!  Next step....STATE on May 7th!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tonight on Channel 12 news, school board president Woodrow Reece was interviewed after a candidates forum.  He said he was out of town for last week's press conference.  This seems to be his common answer.  He is always out of town.  But, he said he will investigate after saying he "heard what the media said they said"....basically, he is already on the side of Ms. Haynes.  Board trustee Gwen Ambres made an excuse for  Ms. Haynes, and so did Janice Brassard.

What is wrong with these people?  Why can't they just stand up and do what is right instead of all this crap they are dishing out?

And why aren't Dr. Thomas or Ms. Haynes speaking out?  They are in another of their "training sessions".  They are in those every time there is a controversy.  With all the training they are getting you would think someone would train them in the way to properly handle a school district.

Oh, and the best quote of the night came from Reece:  "she doesn't speak for BISD."  Uh, yes she does.  That's her J.O.B.

What Will Happen After May?

I told Brenham about this new blog this afternoon.  He asked me what I will write about after school is out for the summer.

Do you really think that the media will leave Ms. Haynes and Dr. Thomas alone during the summer??  I don't.  I think there will be plenty to write about over the summer.  The circus never leaves around here!

Neild asks for Apology

Read this story:

Parent Involvement and PTA

Contrary to the opinion at BISD, PTA is not part of their administration.  They sure do seem to think so and I don't understand it at all.

This morning I received an email from Vicki Kibbles, the BISD Parent Involvement Coordinator, regarding a PTA General Meeting that is to be held in the BISD board room.  I received this because I am the PTA President at Odom Academy and I was being invited to attend the meeting.  I get that.  The flyer attached was generated by the president of the Beaumont Metropolitan Council of PTA's.  What I don't get is why Ms. Kibbles was the one to distribute it.

BISD is not in the PTA business.  But in recent years the Parent Involvement Coordinator has been getting more and more involved in PTA matters.  Is that her job?  Is that her mission?  I thought the mission of the PIC was to supervise the parent involvement people on the campus in their effort to get parents more involved in their childrens' education.  Am I wrong?

I can see where these two things can go hand in hand.  The Parent Teacher's Association and the Parent Involvement Department.....but should Ms. Kibbles be the one distributing flyers for the PTA?  I really don't think so.  But I think she has gotten this directive from Dr. Thomas.  He is at every one of the PTA meetings that are held at the board room.  So are Ms. Kibbles and Ms. Haynes.

Earlier in the school year, when we were in the swing of membership, I was at West Brook waiting in the band hall to travel with the band to a football game.  I started receiving phone calls first from Odom, then from board members, then from Ms. Kibbles about the membership roster that hadn't been turned in.  The dates for turning in membership names are October 15 for early bird and October 31 for deadline.  The calls were on October 15th.  Early bird only means that your PTA will receive a certificate stating that you got 25 names turned in by that date.  It isn't a big deal.  Oh, but it was that day.  No matter how many times I stated that I couldn't do anything about it right that minute, I was asked repeatedly to do something.  It wasn't the end of the world, but it was to Ms. Kibbles.

That next Monday, I called Texas PTA to ask whether we were still going to have a PTA since we didn't get the names in I was told yes because the 15th was only early bird and to just make sure we had names in by October 31st.  I let Ms. Kibbles know I had spoken to them and what they said.  I just don't understand her involvement.  She isn't my boss.  She isn't my supervisor.  She isn't anything in relation to the PTA.

Maybe this wasn't the correct forum for this, but it was on my mind.  I replied to her email today with just those questions.  Why is she involved in PTA?  I have not received an answer from her.  I really don't think I will.

What is your opinion on this matter?  Are other school administrations involved in PTA business or is it just BISD?  Tell me what you think.

Call for Resignation

Yesterday, several candidates for the BISD school board gathered for a press conference to call for the resignation of BISD spokesperson, Jessie Haynes.  This call was prompted by remarks by Ms. Haynes that suggested that three of the candidates have criminal backgrounds, which are unfounded accusations according to those candidates.

Ms. Haynes made this remark in a press conference where she was announcing the hiring of her assistant, Craig Eichhorn.  She acknowledged that BISD has not checked the criminal histories of the candidates, but said they did have criminal backgrounds.  How could she possibly know that if their backgrounds had not been checked?

What do you think of this call for resignation?  Leave a comment.  I'm interested in what you have to say.

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A Work In Progress

As the title of this blog says, this is a work in progress in several ways.  First, this blog is getting off the ground and the direction has not been fully decided.  Second, our school district is heading in a direction that needs to be changed and this is a forum to maybe direct that change.  Finally, our community needs to find its' direction again and get on a track that is more conducive to the education of our children.  So this is my start and my contribution to maybe help all those issues find their direction.

This forum will not tolerate any outright hatred or attacks on anyone.  Those who choose to use this forum for that purpose will be held accountable and will be taken off the approved commenters list.  A dialogue that is constructive and is focused on the facts will be welcomed.  We can all talk and debate, but we need to do so in a constructive way.

Having said all that I hope that this blog is received well and will be a place where we can gather and talk about the issues of the community, specifically the issues surrounding BISD and its' direction.  We the community, we the voters, we are the ones who need to voice our concerns and use our vote to change things.  If we do not do this we will continue down this road to a divided community that is no longer educating our children, but continuing a fight between different sides of the city that leads to a destruction of the educational process in our community.  Our children are our future.  They are the most important issue in this entire mess and they should be our focus.