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My name is Kimberly.  I don't go by that name often, only certain, special people call me Kimberly.  Everyone else calls me Kim.

The picture isn't great, but it is the most recent picture I have of all three of my boys together.  They don't get together and actually allow their picture to be taken very often.  This picture personifies what my life is about.  These three young men have been my focus for the last 21 years, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  They are all incredibly smart and talented and they have become respectful gentlemen in every sense of the word.  I couldn't be more proud of them if I tried.

When I am not being their mom, I am trying to figure out where in this life I belong.  I graduated from college last year 27 years after I first started.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History.  What am I doing with it?  Well, have you read my blog?

I read a lot.  This is a graphic of the books that I hope to read before school starts in August.  So far, I have finished "The Fault In Our Stars," I have started "Split Second" and "The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom," and have "Top Secret Twenty-One" on pre-order.  I need to find our copy of "Wicked" and get the others, but I am hopeful if I haven't finished by the end of the summer, I will by the end of the year.

When I am not being a mom or reading, I am watching tv (I love Grey's Anatomy and Mistresses and Scandal, and many others) or keeping up on the goings on with the Beaumont ISD.  If you've read anything about BISD, you know it's a circus all day, every day, and you never know what the day will bring.

I have been divorced for three and a half years.  I am a die-hard Democrat.  I am a Christian Catholic.  I don't apologize for any of it.

I hope you read some of what I write and you come back often. 

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